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Entrepreneur of the year
Nominate if you:
  • exemplify the highest standards of entrepreneurship and business leadership
  • contribute to innovation, economic growth and societal impact
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Emerging brand of the year
Nominate if your brand:
  • is rising rapidly in the eCommerce landscape
  • commenced operations on or after January 1, 2020
  • has distinguished itself through outstanding identity, consistency, reputation, innovation, growth, engagement and impact
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Customer experience champion
Nominate if you:
  • are an eCommerce retailer prioritising consumer satisfaction
  • deliver exceptional customer experiences
  • foster transparency and trust
  • personalise customer interactions
  • promote accessibility and inclusivity
  • carry a commitment to social responsibility
  • excel at driving repeat purchases
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Best personalisation in D2C
Nominate if your brand:
  • goes beyond one-size-fits-all approach
  • tailors products, services, and communications according to customer needs and preferences
  • leverages consumer data and technology to make innovative strategies
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Womanpreneur of the year
Nominate if you:
  • have driven significant growth for your venture
  • demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and business acumen
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Best innovator in beauty & personal care
Nominate if your brand:
  • has redefined standards of innovation in beauty & personal care
  • pushes the boundaries of creativity
  • is disrupting traditional norms
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Tech disruptor of the year
Nominate if your brand:
  • has made game-changing innovations in the tech space
  • seamlessly integrates smart features, functionalities and materials
  • focuses on enhancing performance, comfort and convenience
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Sustainable brand of the year
Nominate if your brand:
  • demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability
  • ensures sustainability throughout the value chain, including sourcing, production, packaging and distribution
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Ambassador of cultural heritage
Nominate if your brand:
  • embraces cultural expression, storytelling and celebration
  • fosters cross-cultural dialogue, understanding and appreciation
  • collaborates with artisans and communities
  • incorporates traditional craftsmanship and motifs
  • explores cultural themes and narratives
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Impact in global expansion
Nominate if your brand:
  • has demonstrated outstanding achievements in expanding internationally
  • has successfully navigated the complexities of international markets
  • leverages strategic insights, partnerships and innovation to grow on a global scale
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Influencer of the year
Nominate if you:
  • Have a significant and influential presence on social media platforms
  • possess the power of personal branding to shape consumer perceptions
  • are a mix of authenticity, creativity and impact
  • have aced shaping consumer perceptions and driving engagement
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Excellence in smart affordables
Nominate if your brand:
  • excels in selling affordable apparel, accessories, footwear, and similar products
  • focuses on providing accessible and reasonably priced products that prioritise affordability
  • caters to a wide range of consumers seeking everyday fashion
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Rural change-maker of the year
Nominate if your brand:
  • are building and scaling a business from a rural area
  • demonstrate innovation and resilience in your entrepreneurial journey
  • have a profound impact on your local community and economy
  • overcome challenges unique to rural environments while contributing to local growth and sustainability
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Our jury


Amit Singal

Founding Partner – Fluid Ventures & Real Time Angel Fund


Apurva Chamaria

Head of Startups and VC Partnerships, Google India

More about the
awards ceremony

  • Nomination forms for the awards can be filled online on this website itself.
  • The assessment period for the awards is the financial year 2023-24.
  • Eligible applicants must apply online and submit nomination details along with supporting material by July 1, 2024.
  • Shiprocket SHIVIR team reserves the right to determine the final categories for awards, rename titles, and reassign nominations to the most appropriate categories, if necessary.
  • Categories with fewer than three valid entries may be considered for excellence awards by the jury or jury chairman.
  • Jurors may change over time, and brands represented by participating jurors are ineligible for nomination.
  • Award winners will be announced during our awards ceremony on the evening of July 26, 2024, at Hotel Pullman, Aerocity, New Delhi.
  • If you are nominating for the awards, you will need to purchase separate passes for the event.
  • We will contact shortlisted nominees and provide them with passes for the award night.
  • If you wish to nominate yourself in more than one category, you must complete a separate nomination form for each category.

Terms and conditions

  • Award categories and titles are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Submission of an entry form does not guarantee nomination. Nominees will be shortlisted based on performance data provided in the entry form.
  • Final evaluation will be conducted by the grand jury, composed of industry experts, analysts, and observers. Nominations should be carefully filed with all required information in the specified forms, Excels, and PPTs.
  • The jury deliberates on all entry forms and presentations, rendering their verdict and determining the number of awardees (winners, runner-ups, etc.) in each category.
  • Any attempt to influence selection may result in disqualification. Nominees must refrain from contacting jury members or organisers in this regard.
  • All information in the entry form is mandatory. Omission of any information will directly impact the overall ranking and rating by the jury.
  • Entries containing factually incorrect or misleading information may be considered invalid.
  • Nominees confirm that the information submitted is accurate and may be used for internal research and industry insights, unless otherwise specified.
  • Each entry form must be attested by an individual at the director, CEO, or proprietor level.
  • The jury and organisers retain the right to determine final award categories, rename titles, combine categories, and reassign nominations to a different category if necessary.
  • A minimum of three valid nominations per category is required. Otherwise, the category may be removed without notice. However, nominations received in such categories may be considered for excellence or special jury awards if they are not reassigned to the nearest category.